When working on projects, I am particlarly drawn to tasks of building player experiences through tiny changes to systematic interactions. This means that my process involves constant iteration and the observation of players interacting with the systems as they are being built. My experience in administering psychological experiments has been a great help in learning how to hold playtesting sessions and interpret player feedback. It has allowed me to understand the importance of presentation, acknowledgement of my own biases during the interpretation of data, and always testing changes independently of one another.



A game about the grand adventure of a tiny explorer in the musical, floating islands of Otokai. Players fly as a bird while they harness and shape the musical spirits of Otokai's objects to create their own unique songs. This game is currently in production and will be released in Late-Spring 2018.


An interactive fiction that explores the role of perspective during the end of a relationship. In it, I experimented in limiting players' awareness of the effects they are having on the game's narrative. The game is loosely based on my experience of a breakup with a long-term partner.

Two Hundred seventy three

An interactive fiction where players take the role of an unaware audience member during a performance of John Cage's 4' 33". My goal in designing it was to push the lower limit of stimuli for player interactions.