Role: Designer, Team Leader, Programmer
March 2016 - Present

Tori is a game about the grand adventure of a tiny explorer in the musical, floating islands of Otokai. Players fly as a bird while they harness and shape the musical spirits of Otokai's objects to create their own unique songs. This game is currently in production and will be released in Late-Spring 2018.

My work in this project has been largely focused around the implementation of a flight system that emphasizes freedom and is in line with the game's musical focus. This has required repeated prototyping and has made me come to appreciate the necessity of playtesting early and often. Each time the game has been played by someone outside of the the game's development team, small oversights have been discovered. This has allowed us to experience failures more quickly and has improved the project greatly.

This is the biggest project I have ever worked on. I have never worked with the same group for so long, and I have never been so emotionally invested in a project. These aspects have been awfully difficult to get used to. There have been arguments between team members, days where all passion to work on the project is lost, and a fair amount of missed deadlines. But because of this, I also believe this project has taught me more than most things that I have learned in college. I have learned how to better communicate my frustrations, how to work habitually and not just as a response to  a burst of inspiration, and I've learned that overestimating the amount of effort I can put into a project is something that is terribly detrimental to project.

There is approximately a year left in our development cycle, and I will certainly continue to learn lessons up until the end of that time. I'm incredibly proud of what the project is becoming, and I'm incredibly excited to see all of the ways that it will change over time. But, I think that I am most excited to see how much I have improved as a designer at the end of it.